Maintaining Hardwood Flooring

How to Maintain Hardwood Flooring Hardwood floors are often a sought after feature for potential homeowners. These floors have a classic beauty and are quite durable if they are cared for properly. Well made and cared for hardwoods can last for decades if not longer. Improper care can leave a floor warped, scratched and dull looking. No matter how durable you think wood may be or how strong the finish looks there are many things that can easily damage your flooring. Dirt can act like sandpaper against your floor and improper cleaning can damage the strongest finish. Follow our professional tips on cleaning your hardwood floor to keep them beautiful for years to come. CLICK HERE for a printable version of hardwood floor maintenance

Maintenance - Rochester Hardwood Floor
Proper Cleaning

  • Keep wood floors clean and dry
  • Do not use wet mops on hardwoods
  • Vacuum your floors frequently (without beater bar)
  • Oil soaps ARE NOT recommended for hardwoods
  • Notice a build up of dirt? Buy a product made specifically for hardwoods and use only as often as recommended by the floor’s manufacturer

Maintenance - Rochester Hardwood Floor Clean Regularly

  • Immediately wipe up spills with a lightly dampened cloth
  • Dust mop or vacuum floors with a bristle head vacuum on a regular basis
  • For spills and tracked dirt, lightly sponge mop with a hardwood floor cleaner or combine one cup of glass cleaner in one gallon of water and damp mop
  • Do not flood the floor with cleaner
  • Cleaning products specifically made for urethane finished floors are available at most stores

Maintenance - Rochester Hardwood Floor Fading

  • Sunlight can cause your floors to fade
  • Having furniture or a rug over a section of floor can cause that area to discolor
  • Monitor the amount of direct sunlight that falls on your floor
  • Move rugs and furniture around periodically to avoid spot discoloration
  • Add UV Protective film to windows and doors

Maintenance - Rochester Hardwood Floor Protect the Floor

  • Protect floors from everyday wear and tear
  • Allow one week before placing any rugs or carpets on the newly finished floor to allow it to fully cure
  • Use tracking mats at exterior doors, in front of sinks, or wherever heavy traffic occurs
  • Install felt pads or stainless steel floor glides on chair legs or other furniture at contact points to prevent scratching
  • Avoid walking on floors with high heels or with any sharp objects protruding from shoes, such as cleats or golf shoes
  • If you have pets, remember to trim their nails regularly

Maintenance - Rochester Hardwood Floor Never Use

  • Paste wax
  • Steam Cleaners
  • Wax or silicone-based polish
  • Solvent or pine-based cleaners
  • Vinegar
  • Ammonia or Murphy’s Oil Soap
  • Orange Glo Cleaner
  • These products may dull or harm the finish, and create problems when the floor requires refinishing

Maintenance - Rochester Hardwood Floor Periodically Recoat

  • Recoat the floor every 2 to 5 years
  • A hardwood floor should be recoated when the original finish is showing signs of wear, but before it has worn down the the bare wood
  • Once worn to the bare wood the floor will stain easily, and will require sanding
  • Recoating is a relatively inexpensive one day job, which will greatly increase the time period between refinishing and also stretch the life span of the floor

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Maintenance - Rochester Hardwood Floor